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East Bay Copyright Attorney

Under United States Law, copyrighted works are artistic expressions in a tangible form, such as literature, music, visual works, audiovisual works, architecture, and software code. As a copyright lawyer, I will provide legal services to help you understand, register, license and protect your copyrightable works. You as the creator of a copyrighted material are known as the “author” and the original work you create is known as an “original work of authorship”.

What is a copyright?

A copyright is a way for the creator of the work to have exclusive rights to the work and is enacted by most governments; it is usually for a limited amount of time. Usually the copyright means that it is a right to copy, but also gives the holder of the copyright the benefit of being credited for their work, and to decide what is done with the work.

The copyright was made up as a way for government to keep people from printing, the use of copyright now is to promote new works and give the creators control over them and profit from them. Usually a copyright lasts the creators whole life plus 50 to 100 years after the creator has died.

Computer software and digital media have caused new difficulties in enforcing copyright laws, most places recognize the limitations on copyrights and allow fair exceptions for creators granting them the exclusive right to the copyright and users various rights as well. If you need assistance with your intellectual property, contact a copyright lawyer in Walnut Creek.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement occurs when someone violates the Copyright Act by distributing, licensing, reproducing, or performing a copyrighted piece of work with the consent or permission of the author or copyright owner. Consequences for copyright infringement include having to pay fines or damages and even imprisonment. The following scenarios are examples of copyright infringement:

  • Illegally downloading or uploading digital media such as games, software, music, or movies
  • Reproducing or pirating copyrighted DVDs
  • Using a company's design or logo without permission
  • Taking an article from a website and reposting it to your own website without permission or proper attribution
  • Using someone else's website design without payment or permission

If you need help with copyrights in the East Bay area, I can help you with your copyright forms and getting everything filed that you need to have filed in a timely manner suited to your needs. Call Armand Estrada to set up an appointment today with the best copyright attorney in Walnut Creek! (925) 944-9700

By Armand Estrada