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Easty Bay Licensing Attorney

U.S. copyright law grants you as an owner of a copyrighted work, the exclusive right to exploit or license others to exploit the right to reproduce the copyrighted work, prepare derivative works, distribute reproductions of the work, perform certain types of work publicly and display certain types of work publicly.

Likewise, a trade mark is an indicator of the source and symbol of the quality of a product or service, in the case of a service mark, and as a valuable property right, a trade mark or service mark, as well as trade dress and trade names, are all capable of being licensed to third parties. The main purpose of licensing these intellectual property rights is mainly the need to maintain the quality of your mark.

What is a license?

The short definition of a license is "a promise by the licensor not to sue the licensee". This means that without a license any use of the intellectual property by a third party would be infringement. Copying could lead to being stopped by the owner through the legal system. If you feel like your licensing terms have been violated, contact a licensing attorney in East Bay.

Brand licensing is basically "renting out" one of your tangible assets. It is a process of creating and managing the agreements between any type of brand and any company or any individual who is seeking to use the brand with or on any of their products. This happens for a period of time that has been agreed upon between the parties and only within certain boundaries. Brand owners agree to these types of license contracts because it is a way to extend their brand out to a completely different product market.

Why should you license your intellectual property?

You may be wondering how you can make your intellectual property profitable. If you've created a literary or artistic work or invented your own software or product, you can commercialize your intellectual property through licensing. If you would like to secure a license for your product or service, consult the expertise of a qualified licensing attorney in Walnut Creek.

Advantages of Licensing

There are many advantages when it comes to licensing your intellectual property. Some of these advantages include:

  • The ability retain ownership of your intellectual property
  • Licensing can provide a steady stream of income
  • Owner of the intellectual property can determine how it is used and its exclusiveness
  • The license can be terminated in certain circumstances
  • The risk of your intellectual property being undervalued is reduced
  • The transfer of rights is easier to reverse
  • Having a license available can reduce the occurrence of infringement for your intellectual property

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