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East Bay Reseller Agreements

Reseller agreements in Walnut Creek fall under the first-sale doctrine valve. The first-sale doctrine means, simply put, that when you buy something from a retailer or buy a copyrighted product that you have the automatic right to resale that item at any time without any legal recourse against you. As long as the item you are selling isn’t an item that you have made a copy of and is the original copyrighted item that you purchased it is your automatic legal right to sell it or give it away at any time.

Copyright law gives the copyright holder the right to distribute the copies of the copyrighted work to the general public by sale, rental, or lease. This is known as the distribution right and is not the same thing as the reproduction right. The reproduction right means that the owner of the copyright can make as many copies of the copyrighted work as needed or wanted. The distribution right, instead of giving the right to copy the copyrighted work, it gives the right to transfer or sell physical copies of the copyrighted work.

How does a reseller agreement work?

Once a copyrighted work is lawfully sold or even given away, the copyright owners interest in said work is then exhausted, then buyer of said work or material can then sale, give away or rid themselves of the material in any way that they see fit without any legal recourse brought against them.

As a reseller, if you retain the material or work legally, and are the sole owner of said item, you can legally do as you wish with the item with the exception of reproducing it, therefore committing copyright infringement. Reseller agreements can come in handy in these types of situations and are usually beneficial to all involved.A business lawyer or intellectual attorney can assist you with reseller agreements in Walnut Creek.

If this seems like the type of document that you need reviewed or drawn up then do not hesitate to give business attorney Armand Estrada a call today to set up a personal appointment to discuss any questions, concerns or get any information that you might need.

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