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Social Media Policy Services

Social media is everywhere. We use it in our homes, on our phones, for our businesses and non-profits, and it is most definitely used at work. Wherever there is an internet connection, you can bet that it is being used to access social media at one point or another. If you own a business, it would be in your best interest to establish a social media policy. A social media policy is a corporate code of conduct that provides a set of guidelines for employees who use social media, either as a private person or as part of their job. If you need help creating a social media policy, Walnut Creek business lawyer Armand Estrada can help!

What is a socia media policy?

Irresponsible use of social media can potentially hurt your company by damaging its reputation. Inappropriate behavior on social media can also expose the company to legal problems, which is why it is important to seek the advice of a business lawyer in East Bay when creating a social media policy. Not only does creating a social media policy give your employees accountability, but it also guides them in the right direction for adhering to the company's mission, values, and brand image.

Not only do you want to think about what kind of language and content is acceptable to post, but also how to respond to incoming conversation. How will you handle inappropriate or inflammatory comments? Or what about comments that paint your company in a negative light?

A social media policy may also address how employees use their personal social media accounts—on work time or personal time. It may prohibit sharing illegal content, slandering the company or its employees, posting racy photos, sharing confidential material, or using discriminatory language.

There are many things to consider when writing a social media policy and it should be included in the employee handbook. If you do not want to revise your current employee handbook, then it can be circulated as a stand-alone policy that you have your employees sign-off on. If you want a thorough and comprehensive social media policy in Walnut Creek, contact business attorney Armand Estrada today!

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