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Strategic Planning in the East Bay

Some businesses or organizations use a method of defining their strategy or direction called strategic planning. They do this so that they can make their decisions on how to use their resources to pursue their end goal. In order for them to decide what their future is going to be they have to understand where they are at current and the possibilities that lie before them, each which can lead to different end results.

Most organizations use strategic planning in the East Bay as a one year plan, though more often as a three to five year plan, and some go even longer and further. There are four key elements that help with strategic planning:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Strategies

A vision is what the organization wants to be in the future in a long term sense. A mission helps define the purpose of an organization, why it exists, and how it can achieve the vision. Values are the beliefs shared among anyone that has a stake in the organization and they drive the organization and provide the basis for which decisions are made. The strategies that are based on these previous three elements are what get the company or organization or where it wants to be within its strategic plan in the East Bay.

Some organizations or companies place their goals or objectives into their mission statement while others begin with their mission statement and draw their goals and objects from it. Some people think that the vision and mission statements are the same thing, yet they are each distinct in their own way; a vision statement is a very descriptive statement that you can picture in your head of your desired future outcome; a mission statement is a rational statement that you can apply to the current time as well as to the future. Essentially the mission statement is what you will do to achieve the vision.

For the vision and mission statements to be effective to an organization or company they must be effectively used and then assessed. Those who hold a stake in the company or organization should assess the effectiveness of the statements externally where the members who work for or inside the organization should reflect up on the statements effectiveness internally. The difference between the two views or assessments can help show how effective that they really are. Contact a business attorney in East Bay if you need assistence in implementing a strategic plan.

Why do I need a Strategic Plan?

Analyzing your organization or company is very important and could help in the future when you're trying to develop business strategies. The analysis is done externally and internally because that will show you all the threats and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of the company.

East Bay strategic planning is extremely important to businesses and should end with a sight on what you want to do and how to get there and achieve those goals.

If this sounds like the kind of document that you need help implementing, drawing up or understanding then do not hesitate to give strategic planning lawyer, Armand Estrada a call today for an appointment to discuss your document.

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